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Mary Ann Linnell (Shaw)
Retired Teacher Married 3
I didn't make it to the 50th reunion, but I am having fun looking at all the pics and seeing those who did.  I have been a retired educator now since 2006.  It was quite a ride, and I loved it.  My hubby and I had hoped to travel a lot in our "Golden Years", but Alzheimer's Disease has changed our plans.  He is in the VA Care Center in Payson, Utah.  We did get a Europe trip in when we picked our daughter up from her mission in England.  We then traveled to 7 different countries.  We also got the trip of our lives when we went on a Mediterranean Cruise and saw Italy, Greece, Mykonos, Rhodes, Turkey, and
Egypt.  I especially loved it because I spent 10 years teaching ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece in 6th Grade.  Now I travel with my 3 kids, their spouses, and my 12 grandchildren.  We take turns with each family.  We love to go to Hawaii every other year, and I take a different family with me each time.  I love to spend my time crocheting.  I am making afghans for all kids and grandkids for their birthdays this year.  I also love camping, four-wheeling, and reading, and of course, facebook.  One of my favorite pasttimes is watching my grand daughters play softball all spring, summer, and fall.  I felt so sad to read of all those friends who have passed on already.  I hope you are enjoying your lives and making the most of every moment we have here.
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Glen Stott
Retired Civil Engineer / Author Married 6
I retired from my career as a civil engineer in 2009 and am now pursuing my dream of writing novels. One of my published novels, “Dead Angels,” is featured this July on “Dead Angels” is a psycho-thriller that happens in Salt Lake City. Another of my books, “Timpanogos,” also happens in Salt Lake and South High is mentioned in the book. This one is a romance. My other books can be seen on my webpage,
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Angella glass (Sweatt)
Profile picture
Actress/Comedian Married
I was told there wouldn't be a reunion. What a pleasant surprise!
10 yr. Reunion Golf/water skiing? dancing and dining
20 yr. Drinking/Dancing
50 yr reunion/ meeting at Sizzler's for early bird dinner!
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Kathie Renshaw (Taylor)
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Retired Patient Services Dixie Regional Hospital Married 7
Hi Cubs!  I can't believe it's been 50 years.
I have been blessed with 7 children & 24 grandchildren.
Life has been a challenge, but worth every minute.
I'm dealing with Kidney Disease right now, but I'm determined to
stick around for many years to come.  You'll recognize me I still have puffy backcombed hair & false eyelashes.  I hope this finds
all of you well, & I can't wait to see you!  Much Love, Kathie
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Kathleen Renshaw (Taylor)
Retired Married 7
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Sylvia Evans (Thygerson)
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Child Care Provider Divorced 7
Dear Friends,
It would be so nice to once again see all of your wonderful smiling faces.
My favorite times in life still revolve around my family, five children and one set of twins, turned into thirteen adults, and almost fifteen grandchildren; they are a source of joy. 
My constant source of hope is centered in my Savior, Jesus Christ. Through all the ups and downs in life,  I still find the Savior full of love with His arms open; they are open for us all if we but reach out.
I leave these few thoughts with you, know of my love for you.  Your friendships and smiles were always a gift to me; they filled me take care, hope I get to see you again.   Sylvia
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Karen Madsen (Van Uitert)
Retired Married 5
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Clair Vander Neut
Minister (semi-retired) Married 3
After my years at South High, I began my continuing education at the U. of U. but then went east where I finished my undergrad work and then continued on with a masters and doctorate degree.  I've been married for over 43 years to my best friend, Elsa (Vreeke) Vander Neut.  The Lord has blessed us with 3 wonderful children who love us and one another.  We have two grandchildren.  My career has been spent as pastor in mostly churches in the West, but the last two churches were in the greater New York area.  That was a great chapter in our lives.  I retired officially in 2010, but have discovered that I'm not very good at retiring.  I'm presently the minister of a Presbyterian Church in Del Norte, Colorado.  While pastoring a church in southern Colorado we had the opportunity to buy some acreage, part of a cattle ranch, at 9,200 feet above sea level in the San Juan Mountains.  We built a home and a guestquarters and since 2010 that has become our year-round home.  It litterally is a place where the deer and the antelope a whole lot of other critters.  Elsa and I are seemingly in good health.  We both thank God for the wonder time we are having in the retirement years of our lives.  I look forward to seeing many of you again for our 50th reunion at South High.
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Martin Vander Veur
Real Estate Broker Married 6
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Jeffrey Waters
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Profile picture
Golf Professional, Journalist, Broadcaster Married 2
I have had the same job, the same wife, and the same house for forty years. I am perfectly at peace with myself, my life, and my place in this world.
I hope you feel the same way.
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