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Jackie Johnson (Nicholl)
Realtor Married 2
I have fond memories of my time at South.  It is amazing to me the many friends I have made from South after high school.  We are loyal to the core!
I married Gordon Nicholl a graduate of Skyline.  We have had an exciting life.
We have lived in Salt Lake but traveled the world.  Our favorite thing to do is traveling.
I have sold real estate in Salt Lake for 40 years.  I love helping families find the home that is best for their needs.  Gordon is retired from the Salt Lake City Fire Department and work with me in real estate
Our children followed after us with a daughter working with us at Coldwell Banker.  Our son in a Battalion Chief on the South Salt Lake Fire Department.
We have 4 Grandchildren Madalyn, Cooper, Morgan and Zachary.
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Ellen Goodsell (Partridge)
retired Married 4
I loved being a South High Cub! I am on Facebook,so would love to see some of you on there too. Send Ellen a MessageSend Ellen a Message
Sheila Donaldson (Peterson)
Retired Divorced 1
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Lewis Pintar
Laboratory Director/ Mountain Country Foods, division Del Monte Corp. Married 3
Education:  B.S. Chemistry U of U  1970
                   M.S. Chemistry BYU     1976
  Yes, I am still working not retired!
Hobbies:  Raising and breeding Black Angus cattle
                Supporting my 10 grandchildren in all their,
                football, swimming, soccer, cheerleading and anything else they
                find to do!    
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John Pratt
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Astronomer/Programmer Single Again 5
Everything you might want to know about me (and much more!) is on my website.  Although I did computer programming to put bread on the table, I've considered my life's work to be religious astronomy.   Am active in good health. The reunion was great, thanks to all who put it on and who made the effort to come! Great so see so many friends again.  Someone said there are three stages to life: child, adult, and "Gee, you look great!" Most were in the great last stage at the reunion.
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Kent Price
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired educator Divorced 2
I taught high school history/geography/government in Utah schools for 40 years in 4 different schools.  I am a successful artist, having shown in galleries throughout the west.  I have written a novel which is now out of print.  I have a very liberal political outlook as do my children and grandchildren.  I was a tall, skinny geek in high school, somewhat shy and unsure.  I somehow grew into a self-assured, outgoing person who is not afraid to speak his mind about nearly any subject.  I find Utah politics right-wing, destructive, and dangerously unbalanced. Even so, I love Salt Lake City and good old South High.  I had few friends as a teen and wish I could have been more sure of myself then. But, as they say, we learn from our personal battles. Send Kent a MessageSend Kent a Message
Trudy Jonew (Quinn)
Real Estate/semi-retired Single 2
Looking forward to the reunion. Loved the last one. I have 5 wonderful grandchildren from 19 to 2. They really are a joy and bring much pleasure.
I retired from UPS after 16 years while doing Real Estate for 37 years.
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Brent Rice
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Profile picture
retired Married 4
  I retired from SkyWest Airlines as a pilot in 2000.  My two sons and daughter along with a daughter-in-law are also pilots.  My wife, Joenne and I have nine grandchildren all under the age of eleven! We are enjoying retirement and are looking forward to the reunion and seeing old friends.
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Pete Sauer
Profile picture
Retired Married 3
It's been real fun helping with the reunions especially seeing old friends from school. Looking forward to 2013 reunion in August.
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Judy Jacobson (Scott)
Retired High School Counselor Married 4
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