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Paul Jones
Retired Married 7
7 children, 6 still living. Married Jean Springer, Class of 65. Served an LDS Mission to New Zealand 1964-1966. John H Barney was one of my companions.
Served in the Air Force 1966 to 1970. Rank of E-4.
Attended BYU 1970 (on and off )until graduation in 1976. BS in Independent Studies.
I had three major jobs, Provo Firefighter 7 plus years. Salesman for a company out of Seattle, 5 plus years. Customer service respective at Novel for 9 plus years. At various other times I sold copiers, cookies, cars, candy, computers and almost every other items that started with “C”. 
26 grandkids.
Just a week ago I had major surgery on my left foot to correct an arthritis problem, previous to that I have had 9 knees operations to fix old football injuries. (8 on the left left knee, 1 on the right.) This foot thing will keep me from any weight bearing for at least 8 weeks maybe longer.
My hobbies include looking up my past, and all the kids I knew from South, Irving Jr. Highland, East, Granite, Olympus, and West Highs. I have spent more than a year writing my life history and am having it edited now. I don't think I will put it out for general reading, its much to long and if you don't know the players it would only interest you in spots.  My editor says of the manuscript that "it starts real slow and then bogs down."
I have plans to be there in Aug and am working hard make them come true.
Paul Jones
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D. Diane Carpenter (Karpowitz)
Retired preschool director Married 6
Nancy Tripp (Kelly)
Profile picture
Retired Married 2
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Michael King
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Clinical Analyst - Healthcare Married 5
Sonja and I have been married 48 years.  We have 5 children and 16 grandchildren.  Have worked in healthcare IT for 40+ years.  I love life and enjoy spending time with family.
Carol Same (Koelliker)
Retired nurse Single
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Carol Koelliker
retired nurse Single 3
Judy Strong (LeVitre)
Retired Dance Studio Owner Married 5
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Rebecca Giles (Manzanares)
Retired RN Married 6
The 50 year reunion was great.  It was good to see everyone again
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Mike Nabrotzky
Retired Married 6
I am looking forward to the reunion.  I saw the list of those who are not with us.  I know there are more but can't find information on them.  I think I have two records of the 63 class:  I have 26 grandchildren, soon to be 28, and I am the oldest among you.  I am retired, and the last ten years of my career I was  in Six Sigma programs in companies including GEICO.  See you in a few short weeks.  Thanks Kay, Clark and the committee for putting this together.  I really appreciate your work.
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Carol Nagel
retired Single
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