So many things have happened
Since they were called away.
So many things to share with them
Had they been left to stay.
And now on this reunion day,
Memories do come our way.
Though absent, they are ever near,
Still missed, remembered, always dear.

Author Unknown

South High Class of 1963 Remembers

Dale Ahlstrom
Marc Allred
Craig Anderson
John Angell
Bryan Angus
Catherine Atkinson
Mike Baessler
Normandy Barnes
John Barney
Richard Barnum-Reece

Judy Anderson Barrett
Marcie Bateman
Ted Beehakis
Donald Bloomquist
Simon Bronson 
Thomas Burrows
Robert Burton
Dennis Butterfield
Fred Butterfield
Ralph Clardy
Elva Cline
Duane Coleman
Keith Critchfield
Linda Daniels

Tommy Davis
Kathy DeGraw
Gary DeKorver
Gayle Denison
Claudia Dowding
Karen Draper
Charlene Drury
Ken Farnsworth
Ron Fennema
Vicki Foote
Jim Gianello
Dorothy Gogo
Janice Greenburg
Ilka Gudat
Joey Guittierez
Don Hansen
Penny Hansen
Kae Hart
Betty Sue Haskell 
Kay Haslam
Mary Ann Hawks
Frank Heath
Judy Hellstrom
Ann Hicks
Jerry Holman
Sandra Hunt
Georgia Jackson
Kelly Jensen
Robert Johnson
Trudy Jones
Kay Kargis
Roger Keeler
Jeri Kekos
David Kelly
Ralph Knight
Judy Knudsen
Richard Larsen
Marilyn Lewis
Dean Lingwall
Tom McDermaid

Michael McGarvey
Kathryn Mills
Jackie Moore
Pat Moore
Jim Nisbett
Ron Olson
Kathy Papworth
Richard Pickle
Joanne Polster
Hack Post
Wayne Poulson
Dennis Pugh
Daryl Ranson
Kathy Rasmussen
Linda Rees
Janet Ryan
Jeaniene Sanone
Kae Sargent
Susan Saunders
Marsha Silcox
Dennis Sittre
Gladys Smith
Larry Smith
Ken Sorensen
Michael Stephens
Ellen Strand
Vickie Syme
Bruce Takeno
Carol Wantland
Wally Wellard
John Wilding
Larry Wilcock
Dick Willden
John Williams
Clark Wood
Marty Yeager
Robert Burton

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thomas burrows

- - 1961




Patricia Lister (Moore)

February 1st, 1945 - August 31st, 1974

Thank you my sweet friend.  For always making me laugh till I cried, think twice about what I was doing, being such a good example always, and especially for loving me no matter what.  I love you with my whole heart, & as these years have passed by so quickly, & I missed you so very much, I know it won't be long until we will meet again.  Your Forever Friend, Kathie

When God reached down
And collected her soul
She reached up knowing
She had to go

Slipping away peacefully
Her body remained
One final look back
She smiled

Reaching home again
A place she'd forgot
Past memories came flooding
With splendor and awe

God gave back sights
We can not imagine
She finally found
Her home Heaven

We remember her daily
She does the same
We Love her always
It will never change

When it's my time to go
There is one thing I know
That she will be smiling
All the way home


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