Can you name the finalists in this photo?
1) Where Did Steve Burnside Get His Hair Cut?
Hollywood Beauty College
Vince's Barber Shop
Johnny's Barber Shop
Ward's Barber Shop
2) Name that Tune - # 1 Rock & Roll Single of 1963
It's My Party
Days of Wine and Roses
My Boyfriend's Back
Surfin' U.S.A.

3) Who were the 2 Senior Southern Belle Drill Mistresses in 1963
Nancy Tripp and Aleen Hales
Jacki Leonard and Sheila Donaldson
Joan Bohling and Vicki Foote
Aleen Hales and Jacki Leonard
4) In 1963 what was the average price for a gallon of gas?
36 cents
19 cents
29 cents
40 cents

5) Who Played Hank in the South High Production of Calamity Jane?
Lynn Hemingway
Doug Fisher
Gary Kehl
Kay Mortenson
6) Most Popular Album of 1963
West Side Story
Peter, Paul & Mary
Joan Baez in Concert
Days of Wine and Roses

7) What Position Did Frank Fife Play on the Basketball Team in 1963?
Ball Boy
8) Who Walked Off the Ed Sullivan Stage in May 1963?
Andy Williams
Little Richard
Bobby Darrin
Bob Dylan

9) Who was the South High Debate Coach in 1963
Larry Bessey
Kenneth Zenger
Lela Smith
Ralf Reese
10) What Team Won the World Series in 1963
New York Yankees
Los Angeles Dodgers
Chicago Cubs
San Francisco Giants